KIDS INTRO: Introduction to judo fundamentals – learn falling drills. Ages 6 yrs and up. BEGINNER I:  Introduction to ground fighting and basic take-­‐down drills.  White & Stripe Belt. Ages 6-­‐11 yrs.

BEGINNER II:  Introduction to stand-­‐up fighting.  Yellow Belt.  Ages 6-­‐11 yrs.

TINY TOTS I:  Introduction to judo fundamentals – learn falling drills.  Ages 3-­‐5.

TINY TOTS II: Introduction to ground fighting. Stripe Belt ages 4+

KIDS COMPETITION CLASS: By instructor invitation only. Competition level training promoting top-­‐notch physical fitness and the development of strong minds essential to compete at the national level.

ADULT COMPETITION CLASS: Bly instructor invitation only.



Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques through repetition and drills to improve coordination, physical stamina, and mental sharpness. Submissions, escapes, and transitions broken down to develop solid basics.



BEGINNER I:  Yang style 108 step-­‐by-­‐step instruction to learn sequence

BEGINNER II: Promote flexibility and chi flow through breathing and stretching; continuation of Yang 108 emphasizing building your body’s strong foundation, relaxation and mental focus and awareness.