KIDS INTRO: Introduction to judo fundamentals – learn falling drills. Ages 6 yrs and up. BEGINNER I:  Introduction to ground fighting and basic take-­‐down drills.  White & Stripe Belt. Ages 6-­‐11 yrs.

BEGINNER II:  Introduction to stand-­‐up fighting.  Yellow Belt.  Ages 6-­‐11 yrs.

TINY TOTS I:  Introduction to judo fundamentals – learn falling drills.  Ages 3-­‐5.

TINY TOTS II: Introduction to ground fighting. Stripe Belt ages 4+

KIDS COMPETITION CLASS: By instructor invitation only. Competition level training promoting top-­‐notch physical fitness and the development of strong minds essential to compete at the national level.

ADULT COMPETITION CLASS: Bly instructor invitation only.



WRESTLING I: Build confidence and physical stamina by learning basic wrestling techniques and positions. Hands on instruction and drills to learn basic hand, foot and body positions.

WRESTLING II: Introduction of more advanced techniques and drills to build on the basics taught in Wrestling I.



Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiujitsu techniques through repetition and drills to improve coordination, physical stamina and mental sharpness. Submission, escapes and transitions broken down to develop solid basics.



BEGINNER I:  Yang style 108 step-­‐by-­‐step instruction to learn sequence

BEGINNER II: Promote flexibility and chi flow through breathing and stretching; continuation of Yang 108 emphasizing building your body’s strong foundation, relaxation and mental focus and awareness.