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Exciting day at HJA!! We have an In house tournament from 5-7pm, promotion ceremony at 7:00pm, and teens/adults class from 7:30-9pm. During that time, 4 families going to the Youth Nationals will be selling steak
plates, curry, chili bowls, and Ani’s bread. As always, thank you for your support!

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Thank you, “Nalu Blue” for donating Pineapple Judo decal with every plate order. Visit or for other cool decals! ...

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Please support Trigg, Monica, Thor, and Maverick, representing HJA to compete at the Youth Nationals in York, PA. Kids will be selling pre-sale tickets this Friday and next Tuesday ($7 per plate, pre-sale; $8 on the event day). Enjoy cheering your child compete at the in-in house tournament and celebrate with steak dinner after. Thank you for your support! ...

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Class Schedule


We offer a wide range of classes for both kids and adults

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Note: May 2015 – We Moved to Halawa!

99-1245 Waiua Place, Aiea, Hawaii 96701
(808) 347-9708

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Monica & Nalu win Pan American and Carribean Cup Gold!

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